Partner Spotlight: DXRacer

Our 1 Million Follower Giveaway is in full swing and we are giving away the ultimate gaming supply drop as a way to celebrate and to thank the ASTRO Family for helping us reach a million followers on Twitter! But we also know we couldn’t have done it without our partners who have helped us along the way. DXRacer has worked with us for so many events and tournaments throughout the years, and were always willing to lend a hand or support us both at shows and in the office. For our ASTRO1M Giveaway, DXRacer has generously donated a DXRacer OH/FH08/NO Chair.

DXRacer was founded upon excellent design by creating high quality racing car seats with a primary focus on strict quality management. Since 2008, they’ve actively sponsored large-scale events all over the world, supporting professional esports teams and helping them improve the quality of their game and their lives. Like ASTRO, DXRacer constantly strives for design and comfort, and a strong desire to heighten the gaming experience which makes them an ideal partner. We use our DXRacers every day in the office.

Thanks a ton DXRacer! You rock our world!

The ASTRO 1 Million Follower Giveaway is running now through May 5th at 11:59 PM PST.

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  1. I have the same chair!DXRacer Racing OH/RE0 very pleased with them. The main thing is to pick it right, according to the user’s physique. I used the table and data from the portal In this chair, my back does not get tired at all – it’s a good anatomy.

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