A20 Wireless Headset Gen 1 F.A.Q.

Q: Can I use the Xbox One/PC Headset with the PS4/PC Transmitter (Tx), or vice versa?
A: Yes. You can use the A20 Wireless on either the PS4 or Xbox One version of the A20 Wireless Transmitter (Tx).

Q: Can I use the Xbox One A20 with my PS4? Can I use the PS4 A20 with my Xbox One?
A: The Xbox One A20 (Green) uses different hardware for voice chat over USB than the PS4 A20 (Blue) to eliminate the need for a controller cable on the Xbox One. Due to the hardware difference, this means the Xbox One A20 is not compatible with voice chat on the PS4 console. Likewise the PS4 A20 is not compatible with voice chat on the Xbox One.

Q: Can I answer a phone call with the new A20 Wireless?
A: No.

Q: Can I connect the headset wirelessly with my smartphone?
A: No, the headset does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Q: Can I use my A40 or A50 Mod Kit on the A20 Wireless?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I use Speaker Tags on the A20 Wireless?
A: Due to the wireless design of the headset, there are no swappable components on the A20 Wireless.

Q: Can I pair multiple A20 Headsets with a single Transmitter (Tx)?
A: Only one headset can be paired with a single Transmitter (Tx).

Q: Is a controller cable necessary for connecting the A20 Wireless with the Xbox One controller?
A: Nope. The A20 Wireless is fully wireless.

Q: Does the A20 Wireless work with the ASTRO Command Center Software?
A: The A20 Wireless is full compatible and customizable with the ASTRO Command Center when connected to a PC or Mac.

Q: Does the new A20 provide Surround Sound over USB?
A: No, the A20 Wireless plugged in via USB on a PC or MAC will produce stereo sound.

Q: What is the difference between USB Game and USB Voice?

– USB Game Playback device – this is the game audio

– USB Voice device – this is the incoming and outgoing chat

Q: What are the 3 default EQ settings?
There are 3 customizable EQ presets:

Best mode for all gamers – tuned for gaming by ASTRO’s audio experts. Precise bass for immersion. Balanced mids and highs for the optimal gaming audio experience.

For music and movies. Neutral for accuracy across a range of media usages.

Ideal for streamers and pro gamers. Tuned towards mids and highs for precise details. Optimizes surround sound performance as too much bass can cause spatial distortion.

Q: Does the A20 Wireless  work with USB hubs?
A: Yes, but results will vary depending on the quality of the USB hub being used. If there are any issues, try plugging directly into a PC to see if that remedies the issue.

Q: Why can’t I mix between voice and game?
Ensure “ASTRO A20 Game” is set as the default USB audio device. To do that, navigate to the Control Panel, then Manage Audio Devices located under Hardware and Sound. Set “ASTRO A20 Game Headphones” as the default audio device. Ensure “ASTRO A20 Voice” as the default communications device so programs such as Steam and games which rely on this option will know where to output the voice chat to and which microphone to use instead of outputting it with the game audio rendering the mixer inoperable.

Q: Will the A20 Wireless work with my A50 Base Station?
A: No.

Q: Will the A20 Wireless work with a USB TX?
A: No.

Q: How do update my firmware?
There are a few steps to this process:

– Download the ASTRO Command Center by selecting A20 Headset under Software on our Support page

– Install the ASTRO Command Center by following the on-screen prompts. When complete, launch the program.

– If there is a prompt for an ASTRO Command Center update, click download.

– When the ASTRO Command Center is launched, there may be a prompt to connect an ASTRO Gaming device if the Transmitter (Tx) is not set to “PC.”

– Plug the Transmitter (Tx) in and place it in “PC” mode by toggling the switch on the side of the Transmitter (Tx) from “PC” to “Console”.

– Ensure your A20 Wireless connected to your Transmitter (Tx) as if it were charging.

Q: How do I set up my A20 Wireless or Skyping/TeamSpeak/Mumble/Vent on PC?

– Make sure the Transmitter (Tx) is in PC mode (toggling the switch from “Console” to “PC”).

– Go into Audio Options for the chat program of choice.

– Under Audio settings set microphone to Headset microphone (ASTRO A20 Voice)

– Set speakers to Headset Earphone (ASTRO A20 Voice). This will allow users to mix between chat and game sounds.

Q: Will I be able to get game audio from my console while using Ventrilo/Skype/etc on my PC for chat?
A: Yes! However, you will not be able to utilize voice chat on your console while doing so.

Q: Will I be able to access voice chat on both PC and console at the same time?
A:  No.

Q: What are the difference between the four Noise Gate settings?

Home: This is the default view. It’s been tuned for smaller LAN environments and typical home settings. It removes most light ambient noise, and works well with the TR Mod Kit microphone.

Streaming: This is the lowest noise gate setting. It’s ideal for quiet studio/home environments, and offers the most natural sounding voice, and will allow background noise if present.

Tournament: This is the most aggressive setting meant for voice isolation and eliminating crowd noise in loud environments. By adding a noise gate to the side tone it eliminates external sounds from entering into the headset.

Night: In between Streaming and Home, this setting is ideal for soft speakers and gaming at night when little ambient noise is present.

Q: Will I be able to purchase a standalone Xbox One/PC or PS4/PC Transmitter (Tx)?
A: This is currently not an option.

Q: My mic cuts out/is quiet/not working properly. What gives?
First, check to see if the mic is properly positioned. Ensure it’s close to your mouth: we recommend placing it as close to your lower lip as possible. Next, check your Noise Gate. There are four Noise Gate options: try using a different Noise Gate option, and see if that helps. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact contact our support team.

Q: What is included with the new A20 Wireless?

1.0M A20 USB CABLE x2

– A20 Headset

– A20 Wireless Transmitter (Tx)

Q: I have two or more users signed in on the Xbox One/PS4. Is it possible to assign the A20 Wireless to a certain user for voice chat?
A: Yes, this can be done through the Device Settings Menu on your console.

Q: Can I use the new A20 Wireless with the MixAmp Pro?
A: No. The MixAmp does not have a wireless Transmitter (Tx).

Q: Can I charge the new A20 Wireless while gaming?
A: Yes, via the USB charge port located on the back of the Transmitter (Tx).

Q: Can I charge my smartphone on the A20 Transmitter (Tx) ?
A: We do not recommend this.

Q: What do I do if my headset becomes unresponsive?
A: Try hard resetting your A20 Wireless by simultaneously holding down the EQ Button + Game Button of the Game:Voice Balance on the A20’s right ear cup for 15 seconds.

If your headset is still unresponsive or malfunctioning, please contact contact our support team.

Q: My microphone isn’t working! Help!
A: There a few things you can do to troubleshoot this issue yourself.

– If using on a PC/Mac, ensure Mode Switch is set to “PC”
– If using on a Console, ensure Mode Switch is set to “PS4” or Xbox”
– Ensure your Volume is turned up, and that your Game:Voice Balance is even.
– Please check out our A20 Wireless Setup videos for the correct setup.
– If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact contact our support team.

Q: My Game:Voice Balance isn’t working / All audio is playing over my voice channel! Help!
A: For any Game:Voice Balancing issues, please ensure your gaming system audio settings are configured correctly. Please refer to our Setup Videos for the correct setup.

For PS4
Make sure the Output to Headphone Setting is set to “Chat Audio” and NOT “All Audio” as shown in our A20 Wireless + PS4 Setup Guide.

For PC
Under your PC’s Audio Control Panel, ensure “ASTRO A20 Game” has been set as the Default Playback Device.
Ensure “ASTRO A20 Voice” has been set as the Default Communications Device, as shown in our A20 + PC/Mac Setup Guide.

At any time, please feel free to contact our support team. They’re really helpful, and actual people! For help setting up your A20 Wireless, please check out our A20 Setup Guide tutorials on YouTubeThanks for being a part of the ASTRO family!


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