Photo of the Day 2: PAX East 2018

The ASTRO Crew have lots of passion. We have as much passion for playing video games as we do working with them. When we go to shows like PAX East, we bring with us our passion for what we do and what we play. Our event staff work long hours to make sure our fans have the best in-booth experience. Our ecommerce team carefully stocks inventory to make sure everyone has a chance to take home their favorite ASTRO gear. Our community team sets up tournaments, meet-and-greets, and giveaways. And our content team is a content generating machine: the photos you see on our Instagram & Flickr feed come from our resident photographers, OZ and Vaughn.They work crazy-fast to find moments on the show floor, give them a tweak, and share them with the ASTRO family. 

At every PAX we go to, our media team captures the essence of being at the show in-person. It’s just another way we can help deliver our passion for gaming to our fans at home, and we wanted to let you know who was behind awesome videos like the one we’re showing below. Give it a watch: it’s 30 seconds of seeing why we love these shows so much. 



We love sharing our love of gaming with you, so thanks for checking out our blog, ASTRO family!