Bigger, Better, Louder! You’ve dedicated your life to the fight and this is your chance to shine! Join us for another Summer of legendary tournaments as we throw down with the Fighting Game Community!

As the fighting scene has grown, so has your need for increased audio support – that’s where we come in. ASTRO has been in the trenches for 10 years developing audio products and support tactics to ensure our competitors have the best experience possible. We recognize your sacrifice & dedication to reach these tournaments and strive to ensure the competitive environment is optimized for your success. If you’re headed to an FGC tournament powered by ASTRO – you’re guaranteed to have the audio support you need.


While each game and console may be different, our audio support is always consistent. We provide every player with the option to hear isolated gameplay, to focus their attention, and compete at peak performance. Thanks to our MixAmp Pro TR at every station, each player will get a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack with enough power to operate multiple headsets on one console. You’ll have the ability to use your own 3.5mm headset at these Open Bracket stations or you can borrow one from ASTRO Booth for FREE. If you make it to the main stage, each console will be powered by our A40 TR Headsets and noise-isolating A40 TR Mod Kits to help you concentrate on the task at hand. 

Remove all distractions and focus your senses – Let’s get this W! 


Open Bracket Stations: ASTRO MixAmps will be provided at every station in the Open Bracket so competitors have an accessible audio source and enough power to operate up to 4 headsets on one console or PC when needed. (Gamecube, Wii and CRT Stations will also be included with ASTRO’s MixAmp audio support.) 

  • Competitors will have the option to use their personal headset for the Open Bracket stations because the ASTRO MixAmp is compatible with any 3.5mm-based gaming headset and most earbuds.

Headset Loaners: For competitors without headsets, ASTRO will have A40 TR Headsets at each major event for competitors to borrow for the weekend. 

  • Borrow an A40 TR Headset from the ASTRO Booth for FREE at the beginning of each event day on a “first come, first served” basis. (Supplies are limited.)
  • Competitors will be required to fill out a loaner agreement and leave their valid ID with ASTRO as collateral until the borrowed headsets are returned at the end of each day.

Stage Stations: A40 TR Headsets, MixAmp TR and A40 TR Mod Kits will be provided on every stage station to help competitors focus on their gameplay & improve noise isolation from the crowd and casters.

  • Competitors are not required to use headsets on stage, but if they chose to use a headset on stage they will be required to use the Tournament Organizer’s provided audio solution to maintain a fair and balanced competitive playing field across all matches. 

ASTRO Support Staff: We will be on-site at every event to ensure your audio works perfectly and you have a great time competing.

  • Ask us for help! Our Audio Techs are stationed in the ASTRO Booth on the tournament floor – ready to offer tech support for anybody that needs help hearing their game better.
  • If you don’t see an ASTRO Audio Tech available – the TO Desk and Event Staff can help you contact an Audio Tech for extra support at your station.
  • We’ll also be creating content and providing giveaway prizes at each major event. Be sure to stop by the ASTRO Booth to borrow a headset, enter our giveaways and learn more about our products. 


What’s Next:


CEOtaku 2018 – (Sept. 21 – 23) 

Anime Fighters Unite! We’re headed back to Orlando, FL for America’s Premier Anime Fighting Game Tournament at CEOtaku 2018. 4 years running, CEOtaku has become a staple in the Fighting Game Community as competitors continue to travel and compete in their annual circuit of events. Featuring over fifteen different games, a Cosplay Contest and more tickets sold than ever before – Taku is shaping up to be bigger than ever. ASTRO is excited to join CEO in returning to support tournament audio as the Official Headset and MixAmp of CEOtaku. We’ll be powering audio on every station, offering free headsets to borrow and setting up the ASTRO Booth for giveaways, playable stations and a chance to play with Pro Fighters from team UYU

Join us in the fight by tuning in on Twitch, supporting your favorite anime fighter and following @CEOGaming for LIVE updates. For more information including stream links, tournament schedules and purchasing tickets, be sure to check out the CEOtaku website @ – See you soon ASTRO Family! 

CEOtaku 2018 – Final Check List: 

  1. Competitors – Don’t forget to bring your headsets -OR- Borrow one from the ASTRO Booth!
  2. Mark your calendar & watch the action LIVE on Twitch
  3. Follow ASTRO on social media for behind the scenes content on Twitter & Instagram


EVO 2018 – (Completed Aug 3 – 5)

Round 3. FIGHT! The third of our FGC Summer Tour is EVO 2018! We’re returning as the Official Headset and MixAmp of EVO 2018 to support the Fighting Game Community as top players from around the world compete for their shot at the title and bragging rights. Highly regarded as the world’s premiere Fighting Game Tournament, EVO’s roots run deep.


Over 20 years ago a group of hardcore fighters from the Bay Area got together to host a friendly LAN for the love of the game called Battle by the Bay. 2 decades have passed as we’ve watched EVO grow into a massive powerhouse for competitive fighters and we’re honored to support their activations with ASTRO Audio. Today, EVO has expanded into a global fighting experience with multiple events and the passion to match. Fighters from every game train all year long for the chance to prove to themselves on the world stage at EVO. During the past 3 months of the ASTRO FGC Summer Tour we’ve watched storylines develop, witnessed rivalries ignite and supported new challengers on their rise through the ranks. But really, it all comes down to this – EVO is the moment we’ve been waiting for – a chance to crown the true global champion.

Shout out to all the competitors preparing for battle at Mandalay Bay this weekend – we’ll be right there with you ensuring your audio is ready to compete. Good luck ASTRO Family – Fight on! 

CEO 2018 – (Completed June 29 – July 1) 

The second stop on our FGC Summer Tour is CEO 2018! Community Effort Orlando was developed by Alex Jebailey in 2010 to support the passionate fighting game scene from his hometown in Orlando, Florida. It’s been a wild ride since the early days, and CEO has since developed into a massive mash-up featuring fighting game tournaments, pro wrestling and classic arcade battles. We’re excited to join the FGC back in Florida for our 4th year in a row as the Official Headset and MixAmp of CEO – but we’re not done yet! 


This year we are excited to help CEO expand their footprint in upgrading their tournaments and venue to the Ocean Center Arena in Daytona Beach, FL! The move to Daytona allows CEO to host more tournaments, support more players and make way for the introduction of New Japan Pro-Wresting @ CEO. Along with the top fighting game competitions, this year we’ll see wrestlers from NJPW perform in an exclusive series of wrestling matches starting Friday June 29th @ 8:30pm direct from the CEO Main Stage! On Championship Sunday, the Top 8 competitors from each fighting game also get their chance to enter the ring and battle their opponents to become the first ever CEO Champions of Daytona Beach! We’re excited to tag team with Jebailey and CEO on the upgraded Arena featuring more stages, more action and a brand new customized wrestling ring! 

Combo Breaker 2018 – (Competed May 25 – 27)

Our first stop of the Summer will be Combo Breaker 2018 in Chicago! A staple in the Fighting Circuit – Combo Breaker is always pushing the FGC to new heights while consistently delivering premium experiences for spectators and competitors alike. Our mission to improve the sport of gaming aligns deeply with Combo Breaker’s values and consistent track record for hosting premium events. We believe in supporting Combo Breaker’s vision and we’re honored to be the Official Headset and Presenting Partner for Combo Breaker 2018! This year, players will be competing for three days across 19 different tournaments for their share of the prize pool, a trophy and bragging rights as a 2018 Combo Breaker Champion. See you there, ASTRO Family!


Learn More about #CB2018


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  1. My friend is going, lucky guy. Says your headsets are the bomb too. I really need to get one, the generic stuff your competitors do is pretty awful. Best choices for gamers at tournaments = best choice for gamers at home.

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