Ready, FIGHT!

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment as the Official Audio Partner for the 2019 TEKKEN World Tour. With TEKKEN 7 on the rise and the announcement of the 2019 TEKKEN World Tour there are more competitors than ever. Together with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment we’ll be providing improved audio, new events, and more cash to spark healthy growth for the community in 2019.


Tournament Event Support

As the fighting scene has grown, so has the need for increased audio support – that’s where we come in. We recognize the sacrifice & dedication our community makes to reach these tournaments and we strive to ensure the competitive environment is optimized for their success.

Every TEKKEN Master Event will feature our new A40 TR Headsets and MixAmp Pro TR’s on stage to help competitors block out distractions, hear every cue and focus on the win. Along with stage support, all of the European & North American Master Events will feature MixAmp Pro TR’s at every pool station and free-to-borrow headsets in the ASTRO Booth. We will also have our A40 + MixAmp Pro TR set up on every stage & pool station for the 2019 TEKKEN World Finals in Bangkok, Thailand.


ASTRO Path To Tekken Masters

Fighting Game tournaments mostly occur at regional LAN events where competitors battle in-person to prove there skill. However, it can be difficult and expensive to reach these regional events for many at home competitors. So we’re launching a program to help our online warriors graduate from their home turf and into the global arena.

In partnership with Beyond Entertainment and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, we’ll be hosting a series of online tournaments to help TEKKEN competitors on their Path to becoming Pro. The “ASTRO Path To TEKKEN Masters” online tournament series will host six free-to-play tournaments for North American competitors. Each winner will receive a prepaid flight, hotel and registration fee for an upcoming TEKKEN Masters Tournament. Winners will also take home $500 cash and a full ASTRO Care Package to help them compete. For more details check out the ASTRO Path To TEKKEN Masters Players Guide and sign up for our first event ft. CEO Gaming. #ASTROMasters

Round 1: Register for the ASTRO Path To TEKKEN Masters: CEO Daytona 2019


Prize Pool Bonus

The FGC is among the most passionate, purely playing for the love of the game. However, while passion fuels competition, it doesn’t fuel your bank account. We recognize this struggle, so this year ASTRO is officially boosting the TEKKEN World Tour prize pool with an extra $100,000 and a custom payout structure. Competitors will now be fighting for their piece of $200,000 and a chance to be the 2019 TEKKEN World Champion! 

Big shout out to BANDAI NAMCO! Thank you for the warm welcome to Season 3 and the start of our new partnership. With more tournaments, more opportunities and more cash on the line, the dream of becoming a TEKKEN Pro has never been more real. Sign up now and fight for your right to be a true TEKKEN Master – We’ll see you in the brackets!


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