ASTRO Gaming A10 For Xbox One and PS4 in White

The title says it all! The ASTRO Gaming team is happy to announce that our most accessibly priced headset, the A10 Gaming Headset, will now offer a wider selection of colors for fans everywhere. Now the highly durable, comfortable, and outstanding sounding headset just got a bit more stylish with a white + green option for Xbox One, and white + blue for PlayStation 4. Don’t let the colors fool you though. The A10 Headset is universally compatible with any game console, PC, or device that includes a 3.5mm headphone port for audio. This means that if the white+blue A10 is more your style then grab one for your Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch.


The ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset is the perfect headset for any gamer looking for:

Durability –


Comfort – 


Audio Quality – 


Clear Communication – 

Whether you are joining the ASTRO Family or adding to your collection, you can find the new A10 Headset now available in white + green and white + blue.