Geared Up!

Today we’re excited to announce the continuation of our partnership with The Coalition as the Official Headset & MixAmp of Gears Esports. With the launch of Gears 5, the community continues to grow and so has the need for increased audio support. We recognize the sacrifice & dedication our community makes to reach these events and we strive to ensure the LAN environment is optimized for success. Together we’ll be providing an improved audio experience, more prizing, and new opportunities for the community to make a career in Gears 5.


Tournament Event Support

Every Gears 5 Esports Major will feature our new ASTRO TR Main Stage Audio System on stage to help competitors block out distractions and communicate with their team. The ASTRO TR Main Stage Audio System features 3 core components – a modified A40 TR Headset, MixAmp Pro TR with tournament-specific EQ settings, and high performance in-ear monitors so players focus on the win.

For Open Bracket competitors, every Open Bracket station will feature our MixAmp TR so players can use their own headset. For players in need of audio assistance our staff will be onsite providing MixAmp TR support and free-to-borrow A40 TR Headsets from the ASTRO Booth.


ASTRO Battles powered by Beyond Entertainment

In partnership with Beyond Entertainment and The Coalition, we’ll also be hosting a series of 2v2 online tournaments to help Gears 5 competitors on their path to becoming pro. The “ASTRO Battles 2v2 League” is an online tournament series that will host an officially sanctioned 2v2 Gears Esports league for North American competitors.

Top placing competitors will earn ASTRO Battle Points (ABP) based on their results from each Online 2v2 League. ASTRO Battle Points will accumulate over each online season and help competitors define their bracket placement (seeding) at the next upcoming Gears 5 Esports Major: 2v2 LAN Tournament.


ASTRO and Beyond are also putting up over $40,000 in cash and prizes to be won by competitors across both the online and LAN 2v2 Tournaments. Winners of each online 2v2 tournament will receive $1000 cash and ASTRO Battle Points (ABP) added to their account. The duo with the most ABP from each online season will also earn an ASTRO Care Package plus a prepaid flight, hotel and registration fee for the next Gears 5 Esports Major.

To kick off the ASTRO Battles 2v2 League, we’ll begin at the first Major in San Diego. Attendees can join Beyond in the ASTRO Booth for a free-to-enter ASTRO Battles 2v2 where the ‘winner stays on’ and the longest win streaks get ASTRO Prizes. The first online season will begin on January 16th with registration opening approx. 2 weeks before game day. In the meantime you can prepare for battle by checking out the ASTRO Battles Announcement and sign up for your free account with Beyond Entertainment.


Wrap Up

Shout out to Microsoft, The Coalition and the entire Gears Family! Thank you for welcoming us back for Gears 5 Esports and helping us launch the ASTRO Battles 2v2 League. We’re excited to meet everybody at the first Gears 5 Major and look forward to watching some great matches together. Be sure to stop by our booth to play Gears 5, win prizes and meet the Crew. We’ll see you in San Diego! #ASTROfamily


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