Level Up Your A40 Headset with Custom Speaker Tags

Loving your ASTRO A40 TR Headset, but can’t help wishing they could show off more of your personal style? Transform your favorite A40 Headset with a custom pair of Speaker Tags using the ASTRO Speaker Tag Customizer, now with two distinct branches: Custom Speaker Tags and Partner Speaker Tags. 

Using our Speaker Tag Customizer couldn’t be simpler, and empowers you to customize and print your own designs directly on A40 TR Speaker Tags. All you need is your imagination and the assets you want to use to bring your design to life.

There are two ways to customize your headset:

  • Check out our Custom Speaker Tag Customizer and go wild! Upload your own images or choose from a variety of unique artwork from a collection provided by ASTRO Gaming designers. Show your true colors by choosing your own hues, patterns, text, and other imagery. Mix and match and rock your personal brand, laugh at your own inside jokes with friends, or jazz up your plain black headset with a shock of bright red or purple.
  • Opt for our Partner Speaker Tags Customizer, where you can choose artwork from featured games (like Call of Duty: Warzone), brands, content creators, and more. Fly your favorite streamer, team, or game’s flag with pride. These graphics are specially curated to help you create the most epic Speaker Tags possible, with help from our bombastic Partners. So cool, you’ll want to come back for another set and collect them all. 

Get a set for every day of the week! Get a set to liven up your streaming sessions. Whatever your reasoning for snagging your own custom Speaker Tags, you’ll always receive sturdy, high-quality tags with vivid prints that are sure to turn heads. 

So whether you’re looking to customize one of our base A40 TR Headsets or you’ve created your own look through our ASTRO.ID design process, add some new speaker tags to your collection to swap in and out when the mood hits.

To get started, head over to the maker that suits you best: the Custom Speaker Tags or our Partner Speaker Tags. Let your imagination run wild! 

For any additional help, please reach out to our Customer Service team. Thanks for being a part of the ASTRO Family!